Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cropping with Crapmagine

You read it right, Crapmagine. Let me tell you the story:

Kelly had asked me several times what I thought about Cricut's Imagine. I would respond similarly every time she asked, "Don't waste your money, who wants printed die-cuts?". I could tell she was not convinced. I was watching HSN during one of their craft days and they had the Imagine for a really great price, so I called Kelly to tell her to tell her to turn it on. I watched the entire presentation. And of course they convinced me, utterly, that I could not live without it, so I bought it. Just as a side note: Kelly did not. 

So I made this purchase on a Tuesday and it arrived via UPS on Friday, well guess who was at my house visiting for the weekend, Kelly! We were so excited, we stopped cropping to tear into the box and set it up. Of course, being avid Cricut users we threw the manual to the side and set out on our own, that was our first mistake. It is very different than the previous Cricut models and we grew very frustrated and aggravated from the start. 

We could not get the printer to sync with the cutter, we could not figure out how to size things, we could not cut layers, it was very upsetting. We watched the DVD that came with it, utter waste of 4 minutes. We Googled and YouTubed, but grew tired of it and decided it was a piece of Crap, and named it the Crapmagine and said it was craptastic. We then ignored it all day Saturday. 
Sunday morning I decided I wanted to like it, so I started playing with it and pretty much figured everything out except how to print full edge to edge background paper. After many google searches, Cricut board entries and even researching the HSN presentation we realized all it needed was an update. Done, the update made it work and the Crapmagine has now found a spot in my heart.

I will not give up my Expression, because the Crapmagine does not cut chipboard & will not allow me to use Design Studio or SCAL, but it will print cool backgrounds on the die-cut from ALL of my existing Cricut cartridges and it prints full edge to edge 12 x 12 background paper. Plus it brings all new Imagine cartridges to my Cricut Library. So while I still call it the Crapmagine, I am loving it.

Journaling Journey

I know, Journaling can be one of those four letter words, I always hated Journaling too, but very recently I discovered the power of Journaling and the Fun! 

Stay with me, not only is it amazing and freeing to write down your thoughts, but making the journal is therapy too. I love Scrapbooking and making these journals is just like Scrapbooking without the photos.

Still there? Trust me on this one Journaling is a Journey and I hope you join me on my Journey soon!