Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dreams really do come true!

I have been dreaming about the DreamKuts, by Zutter, for a few years now.  If you are not familiar with the DreamKuts, let me fill you in.  It is an automatic paper cutting tool that will cut 12x12 paper in thirds and any paper in half.  It has a multitude of cutting configurations and cuts quickly and smoothly.  It is great if you have several things you need to cut all the same size.  

So back to my ranting, I have wanted this machine since the first time I saw it in action.  I had to have it, and I knew, one day I would.  I fussed over the price and did not purchase it based on that one hurdle, but I continued to want it more than ever.  I imagined all the projects I could create simply with this new tool, I would think of the DreamKuts as I was working on projects that I knew it would have been perfect for.  Well, after years of dreaming of the DreamKuts, I finally broke down and bought it.  That's right, the DreamKuts is on it's way to my house for use in my scrapbook room. (I know your jealous)  I am very excited about this purchase and am already planning things I can do with it.  Stay tuned to the Barn Babes Blog as I will blog about it as soon as it has arrived.
Here is a picture of it for your viewing pleasure.

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