Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bunches of Punches

I Love Bunches of Punches

Martha Stewart Punches
For so many years I resisted, almost making it a point to buy every brand but… $20+ for a punch was absurd in my mind.  Then one day I saw one of HER products used in a project, a product that was not like anything offered by the competition. So I gathered up my 40% off coupons and “went for it.”  To sum it up….. HEAVEN!

I am talking about Martha Stewart Punches. The quality of these things are amazing! Whether you are using a simple shape punch, a border punch, a Punch around the page set, or a double edge punch, they are all awesome! I think these are so well thought out and versatile! Your paper will never “catch” no matter how intricate the punch design and the punch edges always stay sharp! Through paper or cardstock, these punches are amazing!

I know a lot of people find punches to be old-school. Most people rely strictly on their Cricuts (I know I do for the most part) but Punches are great to use for smaller, more intricate designs. You actually punch the design rather than cut it with a moving blade, resulting in a nice crisp cut without the risk of tearing delicate areas. I know this from experience from trying to cut branches on my Cricut and ended up wasting an entire 12x12 sheet of paper trying to find the right blade depth and cutting pressure, only to end up with 4 decently cut branches.

My latest obsessions are the Punch-Around-The-Page sets. I feel I must own them all! I love that you can use them separately (if you just want to punch fancy corners or a fancy edge) or together to make a continuous design around the entire edge of your project! I use these, a lot, for adding a special touch to my photo mats and to cards. I love the guides and find them to be extremely accurate! And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the newer folding designs to save space when storing! SO THOUGHTFUL, MARTHA!!!

Deep Edge Punch
The Deep Edge Punch is another creative design! If you “think-outside-the-box” you can add awesome flair to your scrapbook layouts or cards ranging from super subtle to brilliantly bold! So many options!  The Cherry Blossom double edge punch is my favorite so far. Great for wedding, girlie, and Spring layouts and cards! You can even get a little "crazy" and add splashes of color with chalks, inks, and/or Copic Markers! Endless possibilities!

OK, as I stated before, these are not the cheapest punches on the market, but I feel that “you get what you pay for”.  If you are one who uses punches regularly, think of it as an investment. A punch is not a consumable, so you will want it to last. Just to make a quick comparison, I had seen the Martha Stewart Branch punch used on SO many projects and decided I MUST own it. It is a tough one to find (pretty much online only) but I did find a similar one from a competitor’s brand (the name of which I will not mention).  I bought it and it was such garbage.  I couldn’t get one decent punch through cardstock OR paper and the amount of paper I wasted in the process was both embarrassing and frustrating! Needless to say I searched online high and low and got my hands on the MS one and it punches “LIKE BUTTER”! So if you use punches, save up your 40% off coupons and start building an inventory of punches that are really going to last! Michaels has a good “in-store” selection and Joann's now carries them online! STOCK UP!

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